Saturday, September 13, 2008

Giving Grandpa 4E a run for his money!

While we were visiting Grandma and Grandpa Forrey last week, Grandma and I went to the gym for a workout while leaving Abby home with Grandpa. Grandpa put a movie on for Abs like she asked him to and attended to some business he had in his office which is pretty much connected to the room Abs was in. Well I am sure you can guess that it got pretty quiet. Grandpa called out to Abby to see what she was up to and there was no response. He then got up to call for her again and she yelled back, "I'm up here" He walked upstairs and I think the story goes that she didn't have any clothes on and had a poopybum. He went up to help her and found the poopy diaper with another one next to it also poopy. She had gotten the wipes out and tried to change her own diaper! HA! What a kick! Grandpa had a good laugh about it when we got home, but I am sure he wasn't laughing when he was cleaning up all the poop! Thanks Grandpa for taking such great care of our Abigail! WE LOVE YOU!

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DeAnne said...

Oh man, I really hope Kate never does that! She pooped on the floor once ealier this year and it freaked her out really bad. Hopefully she is now scared of poo and will not ever take off her own messy diaper. Poor grandpa Forrey!