Sunday, May 6, 2012


Abigail had been wiggling this tooth for weeks! She was ready for it to come out. This particular day Sunday April 29, 2012 she would NOT leave this tooth alone. It was dangling from her mouth so I offered to pull it for her. She declined. Steve said to leave it alone and it wasn't ready to come out yet. Abigail took matters into her own hands and in the video below you can see that she was pretty shocked that she actually pulled it out! She was pretty excited about putting her 1st lost tooth under her pillow. The tooth fairy was very generous and brought her some new HELLO KITTY peedle jaddles (our fancy word for PJs) and $2.00! She has had fun showing everyone the hole where her tooth used to be. We love that she is growing up and is excited about EVERY aspect of it.


I have had recurring discomfort in my right foot for years now.  It stems back to working for Geraldines bake shoppe and deli in 1998-2002.  Sometime during my stay at that job I dropped one of the bread pans on my right foot.  Now these aren't just bread pans.  There are 4 or 6?  linked together.  These things weigh in I am guessing 15 lbs a piece.  I don't really know all the details but I know they are heavy!  and it really hurts to have one drop on your foot.  I was going against the dress code that day and was wearing flip flop sandals.  I was living with Shayna Black at the time in an apartment by the Idaho Falls Temple.  She worked for an orthodontist at the time and we rigged up some way to get my foot x-rayed at her office.  It appeared at the time time that there was a small fracture on the top of my foot.  I didn't go the doctor because I didn't  have insurance.  Years passed and I have pain with it all the time.  About 2 months ago now I was kicking laundry down our VERY DEATHLY STEEP stairs.  About 6 stairs up I slipped and fell down the rest of the stairs.  my left leg was out in front of me and right foot was under me hitting painfully on each stair as I went down.  I thought for sure I right leg was broken.  Luckily Steve was home and came to my rescue.  I couldn't walk on it for about an hour.  My knee is still bruised but thankfully only bruised.  My foot however is still in quite a bit of pain.  With the previous injury and now this one on top I couldn't image the damage I had done.  About a month ago I entered into a biggest loser challenge at work.  I was in full force!  I was going to the gym everyday for a few hours and had lost 12lbs so far.  One night about 3 weeks ago I can home just about in tears because my foot hurt so bad.  That saturday I knew I was working at the gym where there would be a free health fair held.  I knew there would be free foot and ankle screenings so I decided I would wait to see if It was just  really bruised or broken.  The Dr. started touching where I said it hurt and I am pretty sure I jumped at least a foot out of the chair.....hahahah!   He felt some more and suggested that I come in for an X-RAY.  I went that following tuesday and sure enough my sesamoid bone was broken.  It's a tiny pesky bone on the ball of the foot.  Also have a fracture in my big toe.  I think that warrants the pain I was having.  The doctor fitted me with a pretty red bottomed boot.  The thing is huge and bulky but I can't tell you how great it felt to have that on for the rest of that day and going forward.  I was not limping in pain and was pretty comfortable.  I have now been in the boot for 2 weeks and have 4 to go.  I am getting another set of x-rays in a few weeks so see the progression of the healing.  If the boot doesn't heal it I will have surgery to remove the bones.  The doctor also treated the previous injury with a steroid shot in the top of my foot (OUCHEEEEEEE!!!!!) to try and break up the scar tissue and help with the nerve damage I had caused by going untreated for 10+ years.  If the boot doesn't help with that injury in addition to the break, I will be having surgery on both parts of the foot.  I guess it's a blessing it's all on the same foot so I can have it all fixed at the same time.  Here's to many upcoming prayers in hopes that the boot fixes what needs fixing.

Monday, April 30, 2012


Last week Noodle got her ears pierced. I asked the ladies to do them at the same time but one of the girls was still in training. I didn't feel okay with Abby being her first so I let them do one at a time. It happened exactly as I expected. She got one and it took us several minutes and bribes to get her to do the 2nd one. You would think that after nearly 2 years of begging to get them pierced she wouldn't care what it felt like. I went through a pre-pierceing period of worry .... could take care of them? Was this going to be a huge regret? It wasn't a nice moment for me of the video when I was mumbling under my breath at the lady doing the piecring. I am sure she gets that ALOT! I did apologize and felt like a total idiot. But I am the mom and have a right to get what I want sometimes right?!

I had to wait until I was 12 to get my ears pierced. I remember the day VIVIDLY! I was so excited all day I could barely stand it. I was in the 7th grade when I turned 12. On my birthday I remember school getting out and getting ready for track practice. I had an appointment at 4:00 pm. My sister Gretchen's gift to me was getting my ears pierced. She had a friend or roommate that was a cosmetologist. They were at the house when I ran home from track practice. I sat down on a stool in our Stosich Lane house and got my ears pierced. Immediately afterwords I ran right back to track practice. Showed my sister Emily that I JUST had my ears pierced and went on with my day.

With several of my siblings they have waited until their girls were 8 to let them pierce their ears. Steve's sisters waited until adulthood to pierce their ears. I didn't want it to be a scary thing for Abby and didn't feel like there was a reason really to make her wait. Makeup, shaving legs are definitely things she MUST wait to do. Anyway....we let her do it. The first time we went she was too nervous so we left and she decided again later that day that she did indeed want to do it. I was kinda a mess during the whole thing because I was worried she would flip out and be walking around with just 1 ear pierced. It all worked out fine but the video is kinda funny :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I haven't posted in months! I need to try and catch up but it's pretty much useless :) So I may as well start from today. We just got back from a week long trip with the Forrey's to PARK CITY! We got to go to the Hogle Zoo and see the NEW BABY ELEPHANT ZURI! We had a really fun time hanging out with Steve's Family. Sarah's (Steve's sister) husband Sam graduated from BYU this week, huge congrats to SAM! We got to stay at a REALLY NICE resort there in park city....Abigail even got her very own room. We had a really great time and thanks a million to Steve's parents for letting us come and stay with them for the week! We love you and miss you already.

Here are pictures of the pool and hottub that we spent hours of every day in.....rain, snow or shine, you still found us all in the pool. It was heated and very enjoyable!
Here is Abigail posing in front of cute little ZURI. We even got to see her was quite fascinating.
Here is Abigail with Grandma and Grandpa Forrey in front of the HUGE ELEPHANT structure by the elephant encounter at the Zoo.
A quick Family photo
Abigail getting ready to head for the pool with her super cool shades!

Friday, September 11, 2009

sum it up!

That about sums up the summer. Katie will be starting full time at Qwest next week. She is ready for the challenge but is anxious to get back into the workforce after being a stay at home mom for 3 years. Hopefully I can keep up better so I don't have to spend hours doing catch up posts! Thanks for reading!

1st day of PRESCHOOL!!!

Our little 3 year old started preschool this week. Her first day was tuesday 9/8/2009. She is loving every minute of it! She was so excited to wear her backpack and get there.

All of the kids line up and grab a spot on the rope. They have to walk across the street so this helps them to stay together. This picture below is to prove that she is taller than everyone in her class at present. The kid in the red backpack is a hair shorter than her. She jumped this year from the 78% all the way up the the 98% for her out boys!

Here they are crossing the street. Mommy and Daddy are so glad that you are growing up Abigail and are so proud of all that you are learning. We love you so very much and are excited for you to be in preschool.

The Eastern Idaho State Fair

Monday we headed to the fair and met everyone there minus Clayton and Elizabeth & Oliver and Keisha (we missed you!!!!) to watch Mom and Daryl show their skills with the horses. I got a few fun pictures with Abigail and Grandma Ruth in the buggy. Also some fun pictures of the kids on the rides. Thanks to my family for allowing us to join in the fun!

Maybe against my better judgement!

So yeah, I am really brave to post this picture of myself and my fellow runners! I had recently started training for a 10K race and ended up running the 5K for several reason. I am glad to say that I ran the whole race and finished feeling great. I didn't get the best time ever but I finished and that was really all that mattered to me. I am finally into a routine of things where I can happily shed some extra inches! I have lost 10 lbs since I started the training schedule for this race and hope that I can continue in that direction. I am so glad that my sisters and cousin and friend ran this race and can't wait to run another one! L-R is Patty (my cousin who ran the 1/2 marathon) Gretchen (10K) me (5K) Christa (1/2 marathon) and Mohna (10K). Great job Ladies....WE DID IT!!!!!!

Stephen turns 34!

Stephen turned 34 this year. Of course I cheated and bought him a lemon meringue pie, because he really likes them. I have yet to find a cake that he really loves, I am certain I will find one eventually. I don't have any pictures at present to post on his birthday but I thought between Abigail and I we could come up with a few things we LOVE about our Daddy and Husband!

1. He is very kind hearted
2. He has a great sense of humor
3. He is very organized (when he wants to be :)
4. He laughs with us and has tickle wars
5. He tries to hide his crying spells during a sad movie, but we know the tears are welling up!
6. He is a really silly dancer
7. He loves to plan surprises
8. He is a good night time snuggler
9. He tells really great 'off the top of his head' stories
10. He has an amazing singing voice
11. He has a great ear for good music
12. He has a talent for all of the arts
13. He hangs things perfectly straight on the walls
14. He is striving to make things better for his family
15. He loves us for who we are
16. He makes silly faces when he rides my Dads old moped around the neighborhood
17. He has a testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Happy Birthday Mom!

A few of us kids were able to go to the farm and celebrate Mom's birthday this year. This was my second fondant cake and I have to say the first one turned out better. All I can do is practice to get better so I have to keep at it :) We all had a really fun time talking, playing, riding horses and eating cake! LOVE YOU MOM!

Abigail turns 3!

Abigail's birthday was an anticipated event by the 3 members of our family. I have wanted to learn how to better make cakes and decorate them for quite a few years now. It is just something that I think is fun and amazing. I haven't been able to get into a class yet so I got online and checked out a ton of books from the library on cakes and decorating. I started a few days before and tried my hand at fondant. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out considering it being my first cake. Abigail had made a final decision on a ballerina barbie cake so here it is.....
Daddy took her out for a lunch date and when she came home the cake was finished. I love her face in this picture because you can't tell that she likes the cake at all :)
the finshed prize!
Patiently waiting for the party to start.

Abigail loves to dance so Mommy and Daddy got her a new pair of ballet slippers. She also got a scooter, helmut and pads, a play horse, books, a teddy bear, earrings and rings, her first pair of leggings, a school dress, some candy, money and I am sure I am forgetting something! Thanks everyone who contributed and participated in Abigail's birthday this year. She loves you all so very much!

Youth Jam

Then came the youth jam at the river. We went with our friends Kristy, Seth and Rebecca. Abigail got her face painted by her preschool teacher! We also made some really fun masks, painted on huge boards and made sparkly pine cones.

Yahoo for family!

The following weekend we had the THUERNAGLE family reunion at Lava Hot Springs! It was a great time had by all (until some of us started getting sick) It was a pretty warm weekend to be camping in the middle of July. I think we will shoot for June or August next year, is everyone with me on this? On the first night we were there, Abigail picked up a hot coal from the top of the dutch oven and got a pretty good burn with 2 huge blisters. She re-injured that wound ALL weekend by falling and scraping all the skin off on rocks and I will spare you the rest. It was an interesting task for everyone to handle all of the crying that came out of her mouth. It was just horrible to look at! I don't know that I even got a picture of it, I will have to do some searching.

Here is a shot of Madalyn jumping off the highest platform and Caleb went right behind her....way to go you little dare devils!
We celebrated Madalyn and Isabel's birthdays at the reunion also, that cake was delish!
Here are a few of the happy campers standing in front of the Andy Thuernagle tent.

back to reality!

After returning home from Oregon we had much to catch up on. Next came the Stosich Family reunion here in Idaho Falls. Jeanne Marie did an amazing job putting everything together! Here is my Mother Ruth with half of her sibling. L to R we have Davidjohn, Eugene, Tom, Patrese, Myra, Ruth and Kim. All of the siblings were in attendance at some point or another.

Here goes nothing!

It's been months since I updated. I got so far behind it was exhausting to think about catching up the blog. I will have to add as I go but here is the quick version of how our summer has gone. Steve parted ways with his job in June. We then headed to Oregon for a few weeks to spend some much needed time away from home and with Steve's wonderful family. We had such a great time it was hard to come home!!!

Us at the beach
Steve taking some R & R with Maci, Jacob and Abigail

Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us come and stay. We had the best time ever!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Abigail's got talent!

The conversation while watching America's got talent last night went as follows

Abigail: I need to get down and dance Mommy!
5 minutes passes

Abigail: Mommy, I am going to get me a car, drive to that show, and dance for those people!

I thought that was pretty stinkin cute of her to want to do that. It does infact go along with the statement that she made last month when she told me she wanted to be a star when she grows up....." the kind that are on TV" she said.

p.s. the photo above is my new favorite. I took it last week at Grandma & Grandpa Forrey's house right before bedtime.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Hey all! This is a giveaway from a friend of a friend. She makes hair bows that are so cute! Enter to win 5 bows or your choice along with 2 headbands. It is worth it to zip over to her website and take a look. Good luck! It ends July 15th!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

HELP!!!!I My neighbors are out of control!!!!

I have been more than kind and lenient toward my neighbors.  They are OUT OF CONTROL!  They leave beer cans in my yard, steal my stuff, play in my yard, stay up until 2 a.m. blasting loud music and are just flat out rude!  I have talked myself out of doing this post for nearly a month just keeps popping up and staring me in the face.  Tonight set me off because I came home around 10:30 from a softball game (rah, rah, Legacy Dental!!! we lost tonight by the way:) and Abigail's bike was in the street blocking the driveway!  I got out fuming mad and moved the bike, parked the car and came straight in to write the letter posted below to the neighbors!  I do have to admit that this letter is horribly written with bad grammer and everything, so you should get a good chuckle out of it!  I had to post it because I never delivered it....Steve wouldn't let me out the door :)  Otherwise I would have gone right up, rung the doorbell ( 11:00 at night!) and handed them my letter.  I think they ought to know what they put people through.  I was nice and only wrote about the bike to them.  That kid of theirs pushed Abs off her bike the other day, took off on it, and then came back around, Abigail kindly asked for her bike back and he actually spit on her and took off on her bike again.  His mother did nothing as she sat there and watched the whole thing!  He is around 2 years old and is constantly outside without supervision on an incredibly busy street.  I fear that he is going to get hit by a car one of these days!  Anyway!  That is my vent and I will be calling social services in the morning!  I hope they do something about that household.  I sure would love to have neighbors that don't drink, smoke, blast loud music through all hours of the night, that STAY OUT OF MY YARD and don't steal my stuff and that are responsible enough to watch their kids!!!!!!  Good night and good riddance!  For those of you that don't know Beth, she used to be my neighbor.....BETH!!!!!!!!!!!  When are you moving back to Idaho?  Steve and I need some decent neighbors again, we miss you!
Dear Neighbors,
    Your son may not come into my yard anymore!  He has gone into my shed, gotten my daughters bike & taken it to ride.  I had to then come ask for my property back.  Tonight the bike was gone again & then left in my driveway so that I had to get out & move the bike to pull into my driveway.  PLEASE be more responsible about watching him to prevent this from happening again.  If it goes missing again, I will call the police.  Please be more respectful toward property that doesn't belong to you.

Thank you!

    Your neighbors @ 127

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Moon!

Okay so this trailer for New Moon has been floating around and I took a look a few days back.  It looks like it is going to be a great film!!!  I know I am anyone else?  Click on the official website link above or on the word trailer and take a look, you won't regret it!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Patient excitement!

A few months ago we decided to get Abigail signed up for preschool.  Since that day she has been talking non-stop about how she is going to go to school soon.  SHE CAN'T WAIT!  The school is only a few blocks away from our house, which is really nice.  She will be going 2 days a week and thinks that she has to get her backpack ready right now.  Last week was preschool roundup.  Just a fancy way of putting it that the fees are due and the kids get to meet the teacher and take a look around the school.  When the morning arrived that we were going, she couldn't talk about it enough.  Of course once we got to the school she wouldn't even step one foot inside :)  I had to actually pick her up and take her in.  She thought it was really the first day of school and that I was leaving her there.  Once she understood that she was just meeting her teacher, she ran off and proceeded to play with some of the other children.  I really think she will enjoy going to school and meeting new friends.  She definitely takes after her mother on the social side.  She also informed her teachers that she would prefer to be called by Abigail which was news to me.  We usually call her Abigail or Abby Kate, but most everyone else just calls her Abby.  She knows what she wants out of life already!  

Abby: "this week I would prefer to be called Abigail, I will grow up to be a doctor and a dancer.  I want to be a star!  The kind that go on Pinnochio!"

She is a very talented little child and we are so blessed to have her in our family!  Mom and Dad love you Abigail!  Here are a few pictures of our doll in front of the school she will be attending in the fall.