Friday, September 11, 2009

Stephen turns 34!

Stephen turned 34 this year. Of course I cheated and bought him a lemon meringue pie, because he really likes them. I have yet to find a cake that he really loves, I am certain I will find one eventually. I don't have any pictures at present to post on his birthday but I thought between Abigail and I we could come up with a few things we LOVE about our Daddy and Husband!

1. He is very kind hearted
2. He has a great sense of humor
3. He is very organized (when he wants to be :)
4. He laughs with us and has tickle wars
5. He tries to hide his crying spells during a sad movie, but we know the tears are welling up!
6. He is a really silly dancer
7. He loves to plan surprises
8. He is a good night time snuggler
9. He tells really great 'off the top of his head' stories
10. He has an amazing singing voice
11. He has a great ear for good music
12. He has a talent for all of the arts
13. He hangs things perfectly straight on the walls
14. He is striving to make things better for his family
15. He loves us for who we are
16. He makes silly faces when he rides my Dads old moped around the neighborhood
17. He has a testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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