Friday, September 11, 2009

Abigail turns 3!

Abigail's birthday was an anticipated event by the 3 members of our family. I have wanted to learn how to better make cakes and decorate them for quite a few years now. It is just something that I think is fun and amazing. I haven't been able to get into a class yet so I got online and checked out a ton of books from the library on cakes and decorating. I started a few days before and tried my hand at fondant. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out considering it being my first cake. Abigail had made a final decision on a ballerina barbie cake so here it is.....
Daddy took her out for a lunch date and when she came home the cake was finished. I love her face in this picture because you can't tell that she likes the cake at all :)
the finshed prize!
Patiently waiting for the party to start.

Abigail loves to dance so Mommy and Daddy got her a new pair of ballet slippers. She also got a scooter, helmut and pads, a play horse, books, a teddy bear, earrings and rings, her first pair of leggings, a school dress, some candy, money and I am sure I am forgetting something! Thanks everyone who contributed and participated in Abigail's birthday this year. She loves you all so very much!


DeAnne said...

nice job on the cake!

Melissa said...

katie!!! What fun it was to read your blog! Abigail is such a gorgeous girl just like her mama :)
You did an awesome job on the cakes!! holy cow, I am totally impressed! miss you!!!