Friday, September 11, 2009

Maybe against my better judgement!

So yeah, I am really brave to post this picture of myself and my fellow runners! I had recently started training for a 10K race and ended up running the 5K for several reason. I am glad to say that I ran the whole race and finished feeling great. I didn't get the best time ever but I finished and that was really all that mattered to me. I am finally into a routine of things where I can happily shed some extra inches! I have lost 10 lbs since I started the training schedule for this race and hope that I can continue in that direction. I am so glad that my sisters and cousin and friend ran this race and can't wait to run another one! L-R is Patty (my cousin who ran the 1/2 marathon) Gretchen (10K) me (5K) Christa (1/2 marathon) and Mohna (10K). Great job Ladies....WE DID IT!!!!!!


DeAnne said...

good for you for getting out there. i am hoping to get back into running myself, once I am fully recovered from having the baby. that looks like it was so fun!

Elizabeth said...

Way to go Ladies!!! I got up to 3 miles and broke the leg and that is where my running career ends. But I am proud of all of you.