Friday, September 11, 2009

Yahoo for family!

The following weekend we had the THUERNAGLE family reunion at Lava Hot Springs! It was a great time had by all (until some of us started getting sick) It was a pretty warm weekend to be camping in the middle of July. I think we will shoot for June or August next year, is everyone with me on this? On the first night we were there, Abigail picked up a hot coal from the top of the dutch oven and got a pretty good burn with 2 huge blisters. She re-injured that wound ALL weekend by falling and scraping all the skin off on rocks and I will spare you the rest. It was an interesting task for everyone to handle all of the crying that came out of her mouth. It was just horrible to look at! I don't know that I even got a picture of it, I will have to do some searching.

Here is a shot of Madalyn jumping off the highest platform and Caleb went right behind her....way to go you little dare devils!
We celebrated Madalyn and Isabel's birthdays at the reunion also, that cake was delish!
Here are a few of the happy campers standing in front of the Andy Thuernagle tent.

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DeAnne said...

oh my gosh! i can't believe madalyn jumped off that thing! i don't even think i would!!!!