Sunday, May 6, 2012


I have had recurring discomfort in my right foot for years now.  It stems back to working for Geraldines bake shoppe and deli in 1998-2002.  Sometime during my stay at that job I dropped one of the bread pans on my right foot.  Now these aren't just bread pans.  There are 4 or 6?  linked together.  These things weigh in I am guessing 15 lbs a piece.  I don't really know all the details but I know they are heavy!  and it really hurts to have one drop on your foot.  I was going against the dress code that day and was wearing flip flop sandals.  I was living with Shayna Black at the time in an apartment by the Idaho Falls Temple.  She worked for an orthodontist at the time and we rigged up some way to get my foot x-rayed at her office.  It appeared at the time time that there was a small fracture on the top of my foot.  I didn't go the doctor because I didn't  have insurance.  Years passed and I have pain with it all the time.  About 2 months ago now I was kicking laundry down our VERY DEATHLY STEEP stairs.  About 6 stairs up I slipped and fell down the rest of the stairs.  my left leg was out in front of me and right foot was under me hitting painfully on each stair as I went down.  I thought for sure I right leg was broken.  Luckily Steve was home and came to my rescue.  I couldn't walk on it for about an hour.  My knee is still bruised but thankfully only bruised.  My foot however is still in quite a bit of pain.  With the previous injury and now this one on top I couldn't image the damage I had done.  About a month ago I entered into a biggest loser challenge at work.  I was in full force!  I was going to the gym everyday for a few hours and had lost 12lbs so far.  One night about 3 weeks ago I can home just about in tears because my foot hurt so bad.  That saturday I knew I was working at the gym where there would be a free health fair held.  I knew there would be free foot and ankle screenings so I decided I would wait to see if It was just  really bruised or broken.  The Dr. started touching where I said it hurt and I am pretty sure I jumped at least a foot out of the chair.....hahahah!   He felt some more and suggested that I come in for an X-RAY.  I went that following tuesday and sure enough my sesamoid bone was broken.  It's a tiny pesky bone on the ball of the foot.  Also have a fracture in my big toe.  I think that warrants the pain I was having.  The doctor fitted me with a pretty red bottomed boot.  The thing is huge and bulky but I can't tell you how great it felt to have that on for the rest of that day and going forward.  I was not limping in pain and was pretty comfortable.  I have now been in the boot for 2 weeks and have 4 to go.  I am getting another set of x-rays in a few weeks so see the progression of the healing.  If the boot doesn't heal it I will have surgery to remove the bones.  The doctor also treated the previous injury with a steroid shot in the top of my foot (OUCHEEEEEEE!!!!!) to try and break up the scar tissue and help with the nerve damage I had caused by going untreated for 10+ years.  If the boot doesn't help with that injury in addition to the break, I will be having surgery on both parts of the foot.  I guess it's a blessing it's all on the same foot so I can have it all fixed at the same time.  Here's to many upcoming prayers in hopes that the boot fixes what needs fixing.

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RaEStoCo said...

Ouch! Painful feet are the worst! You just can't do anything without using your foot. I hope it heals properly with the boot. No surgery!