Monday, April 30, 2012


Last week Noodle got her ears pierced. I asked the ladies to do them at the same time but one of the girls was still in training. I didn't feel okay with Abby being her first so I let them do one at a time. It happened exactly as I expected. She got one and it took us several minutes and bribes to get her to do the 2nd one. You would think that after nearly 2 years of begging to get them pierced she wouldn't care what it felt like. I went through a pre-pierceing period of worry .... could take care of them? Was this going to be a huge regret? It wasn't a nice moment for me of the video when I was mumbling under my breath at the lady doing the piecring. I am sure she gets that ALOT! I did apologize and felt like a total idiot. But I am the mom and have a right to get what I want sometimes right?!

I had to wait until I was 12 to get my ears pierced. I remember the day VIVIDLY! I was so excited all day I could barely stand it. I was in the 7th grade when I turned 12. On my birthday I remember school getting out and getting ready for track practice. I had an appointment at 4:00 pm. My sister Gretchen's gift to me was getting my ears pierced. She had a friend or roommate that was a cosmetologist. They were at the house when I ran home from track practice. I sat down on a stool in our Stosich Lane house and got my ears pierced. Immediately afterwords I ran right back to track practice. Showed my sister Emily that I JUST had my ears pierced and went on with my day.

With several of my siblings they have waited until their girls were 8 to let them pierce their ears. Steve's sisters waited until adulthood to pierce their ears. I didn't want it to be a scary thing for Abby and didn't feel like there was a reason really to make her wait. Makeup, shaving legs are definitely things she MUST wait to do. Anyway....we let her do it. The first time we went she was too nervous so we left and she decided again later that day that she did indeed want to do it. I was kinda a mess during the whole thing because I was worried she would flip out and be walking around with just 1 ear pierced. It all worked out fine but the video is kinda funny :)

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