Thursday, July 2, 2009

Abigail's got talent!

The conversation while watching America's got talent last night went as follows

Abigail: I need to get down and dance Mommy!
5 minutes passes

Abigail: Mommy, I am going to get me a car, drive to that show, and dance for those people!

I thought that was pretty stinkin cute of her to want to do that. It does infact go along with the statement that she made last month when she told me she wanted to be a star when she grows up....." the kind that are on TV" she said.

p.s. the photo above is my new favorite. I took it last week at Grandma & Grandpa Forrey's house right before bedtime.


Par 5 said...

That is so cute! She looks like she could be a TV star right now--she is adorable!

DeAnne said...

How funny. She reminds me a lot of Maryn when Maryn was that age (her looks anyway). Very pretty girl :)

elizabeth said...

That is such a super cute picture of her!! :) She's so grown up Kate! I just think its darling she said that too! hahaha! :)

Mr & Mrs Smith said...

LOVE that pix too! :)

Emily and Dustin said...

Cute, cute picture. She is so funny.

Beth Forrey said...

Kate, I need that photo. It's perfect for the wall at Grandma and Grandpa Forreys'. I do need the full resolution. Thanks.-Beth

Jennifer said...

hey, great pics, I noticed you still have my old blog, hymas family, I am divorced and started a new blog, it is