Friday, December 26, 2008

Abby sitting on the growth chart that Grandma Forrey made for her.  Thanks grandma, we already have it hanging in her room.
Abby taking time to pose for the camera with her tutu and stick lip!

pots and pans to use in her new kitchen.  Thanks G & G 4E!

Abs cooking up a storm in her PINK kitchen.

Abigail dancing in the tutu that I made her for Christmas.  I was glad that she loved.  I think it always makes a Mother feel glad to have her child love something that she made, instead of having it sit in the dress up box, never to be worn.

Abs after she did a superman dive toward Daddy's office chair.  This was taken right after it happened and had already started turning colors.

Abs at the beginning on the month getting ready to play in the snow.

Steve being CRAZY and taking a dive into the deep snow in our backyard.  He was pretending that he was in high school and still living in Alaska.

Steve stealing a kiss :)

Candy baskets that we (me, Emily & Tina) made for my brothers


DeAnne said...

what fun presents, especially the pink kitchen! Katelyn would love that. I wanted to get those same jammies for Katelyn, but never got around to it. oh yeah, and I love the tutu!

Mohna said...

Isn't it just great to see your child so extremely happy! I think Christmas morning has to be my favorite time! What an awesome tutu you made for Abby...I bet she loves it!!

elizabeth said...

That tutu is so darn CUTE! :D

Mohna said...

I left a comment on your Thanksgiving post...just givin' ya a heads up because I know I don't always go back and look down at the bottom for comments.