Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WOW!!! What a day of scramble!!!

Today we woke up and had a pretty typical morning which included eating breakfast, getting ready for the day, sending Steve off to work and running the errands that needed to get done.  Abs and I were out for several hours and lunch time was creeping up on us.  We decided to stop at Wendy's for a burger.  The new rule for the Volvo, is that there is to be no food in the car, so we dined in the store.  On one side of the booth there was a Mother with her young son (I am guessing around age 8-9).  He was deaf and his mother was giving him a lesson on contractions (the shortening of a word or phrase e.g.. "God be with you" would be shortened to "goodbye").  On the other side of us, there were 3 women, from the conversation that I heard, the mother was 94 and  her 2 daughters were in their late 50's and early 60's.  Confused?  I am getting there just explaining this :)  Anyway, the 3 ladies were planning the mother's funeral.  The mother wanted to make sure it wasn't an ordinary funeral, she wanted a mexican spread instead of the typical meat and potato stuff.  FUNNY!  We finished our lunch, headed out to take Steve his lunch, and gave him a good surprise upon our arrival.  We headed home from seeing Steve, Abby took a short nap, and we were off again to go to the park.  Emily had called to invite us to meet at this park that we had been to several times.  I must not have been paying very good attention the last time that I drove to the park because I couldn't find it :) I drove around for about 40 minutes looking for this stinkin park!  I ended up going back to Emily's house, starting over and drove right to it.  I don't know what went wrong the first time.....FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!  We played for about an hour with the cousins, packed up and headed home.  We arrived about 15 minutes before Steve came home from work.  He asked me to meet him at the driveway so he could transfer stuff from the Jeep to the Volvo. While standing there waiting for him I noticed there was a NAIL in the tire of the Volvo.  Steve said it looked like it had been there for longer than we had even owned the car!!!!! How do you even tell something like that? We headed right over to Big 0 and luckily, it was covered under the warranty so they gave us a new tire free and clear.  We were thankful we didn't have to fork out $150 for 1 new tire today.  
We will see what tomorrow brings.  We are expecting my little nephew Andrew at 7:30 a.m. while his mother goes to the cannery.  This kid is a big ball of fun and energy and just wait until you see his cute smile!  I am sure tomorrow will be just as fun and interesting as today!!!  Stay tuned for pictures!

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Sherrie said...

Wow, what a day! Whew about that tire huh! :) You are such a good mom, it sounds like Abby has fun-filled days.