Thursday, May 28, 2009

The "skinny" on Evelyn!

Here are the stats on Evelyn.....what a healthy little girl!  She was Emily's smallest baby so far and is a SKINNY little thing!  Welcome Evelyn!!!!

Don't you just LOVE THAT HAIR!!!!  I still didn't get a shot of the dimple.
Here is the new princess with Nana & Papa Grant
with cousin Abigail & sister Isabel
Isabel is pretty proud of her new sister.  Abby in the background having a hard time being patient for her turn to hold Evelyn.
Vaughn held his sister so softly and gave her lots of kisses.


Mohna said...

Thanks for sharing more! She is a sweety!

Par 5 said...

Oh my word! What a doll! Almost tempting to have another one of my own... :)