Saturday, February 9, 2008

All in a days work

Steve broke the vanity cupboard in the bathroom on accident yesterday so here is Abby diligently helping her Daddy fix it.

This morning Daddy left some juice on the counter not realizing that Abby can reach just about everything. She just wanted a drink....LOL and got much more!

Then there was lunchtime! What a yummy mess of veggies.

After the juice spill Abby had a bath and she needed another one after lunch! Mommy decided that curlers were the next best thing of the day. This is the noodle all curled up getting ready to go out for the night with Mommy and Daddy.


Sherrie said...

Little Noodle is so cute Kate! :) It sounds like you all had a very busy day!

Oliver and Keisha said...

She's so cute!