Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Big Move!

For the last 5 days Abigail, Grandma Ruth and I were in Boise helping to pack up the Grant's. YAHOO....they are going to be closer to the majority of the family. I am expecially excited about their move. Here are some pictures from the trip. We had a super fun time.

Here are the bath buddies! Abby & Vaughn had a blast in the bath.

Crazy hair lady!

Getting curled up for church.

Vaughn & Abby ready for church.

The cool box house. The kids had fun playing in the moving boxes and "helping" pack up the house :)

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Sherrie said...

Looks like it was fun times for the Emily and Katie cousins. :) Oh, and Grandma Ruthie of course. :) Kate, tell Em that once they get settled in she needs to start a blog. Peer pressure!