Tuesday, May 6, 2008


3 Joys

1. My Daughther Abigail & My Husband Steve. They are my life! We have a ton of fun when we get to spend time together.
2. Listening to and singing music of all kinds. I have had a love for it since I was a very small child and that love continues to grow daily!
3. Cooking and baking. I LOVE IT! I really enjoy trying new recipes and creating things that are cool with food.

3 Fears

1. SHARKS! I don't swim in the ocean because of it.
2. Being alone during the night.
3. Not being able to have any more kids....or trying so hard to get them here(fertility drugs) that they come all at once!

3 Goals

1. Improve the communication in my marriage and family.
2. Continue losing weight. I want my pre-wedding body back!
3. Finish my education. I have an associate degree but would love to get my bachelors.

3 Obsessions

1. The Twilight series! I think that is hands down number 1 on the list because I just love it!
2. Eating chocolate & icecream. I can't seem to break the horrible obsession/habit that I have for sugar.
3. Porcelin Dolls....mainly Madam Alexander dolls. Thanks to my Mother for getting me hooked on them. They are pricey but worth looking at. I usually got one every year for Christmas when I was younger so it is fun that Steve has carried on that tradition.

3 Random/Surprising Facts about myself

1. I hate putting laundry away.
2. I love eating icecream while soaking in the tub....I know I'm weird!
3. I just got a bug for beading...I enjoy designing and creating art to wear.

I TAG: Emily, Bonnie, Beth, Rachel & Sonnet

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