Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Yeah!  I just received and email that blurb is up and running again with all of the slurps working.  You have to download the latest version but all of the blogger's out there can now make a book easily!  GOOD LUCK!  I know I will be starting my 2008 book right away.


elizabeth said...

what is a blurp and a slurp!! i'm lost!! hahAHA

Steve and Katie said... is a website that you can use to make books and calendars and other stuff with pictures. There is a feature on the blurb website where you can "slurp" your whole blog into the program and it creates a book for you. You can then edit and publish it. Instead of doing all of your scrap-booking with paper, you can make your blog into this book for the whole year and then you are done! I think it is a fabulous idea and I have started to edit my book. It is going to have around 100 pages for the whole year and is VERY reasonably priced.

Jillian said...

Thanks so much for the FYI- I am so excited to get my book started. I know I say it all the time but Abigail is so dang cute.

Mr & Mrs Smith said...

Thanks so much Katie! Awesome! I hoped they would get it figured out! I hope it lasts!