Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Happy Couple!

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to attend the sealing of my cousin Natalie Pond.  Her husband Omar is the sweetest man!  The sealing was wonderful and I am happy that Natalie now has an eternal family of her own!  The Rexburg, Idaho Temple is just as beautiful as I remember it being at the open house.  I brought my camera just in case and ended up being the only one that had a camera with a charged battery.  LUCKY!  I snapped probably too many photos considering the weather outside had to have been around 10 degrees.....but you can never get too many pictures of a happy family right?  I am definitely learning how to even use my "new to me" Canon EOS Rebel...if that is even the official name of it.  It has an SLR something in there somewhere also.  Anyway, I enjoy taking photos, but really need to take a class or read up on some of the functions.  I thought some of them turned out well.  Natalie called me today to tell me that they went to get some of them printed and that the retailer gave them a fight about the  photos being copywrited and they weren't going to sell them the photos.  Those of you that are photographers, is that some setting I have put on accidentally to cause that to show in the file or something?  I had to laugh when she told me that they weren't going to get them because they were copywrited by a professional photographer!  HA!  I didn't even know what I was doing, I was just snapping shots.....lol!  Maybe I am better than I thought, or .......maybe not?!!!

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Mohna said...

So to fill you in on why the photo place did that is because you probably have your camera set to a really high quality level. Like 6-10 megapixels. Most small point and shoot cameras don't go that high so when really high quality pictures come to be processed they assume it's a professional camera that took them. Does that make sense?