Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I had 2 dreams yesterday and one of them actually came true!!!!  Dream #1 - Steve and I have been wanting to upgrade our car to something a little newer so we took a spin yesterday in the Volvo you see here.  It was NICE & we WANT it, but we will see!!!!  Dream #2 -  that Abigail would actually go to bed at a decent hour and sleep in her room all night long!  About 6 months ago, she was very sick so we kept her in our room for several night to monitor her health during the night.  The habit stuck and we are just now making a break through to stop it.  She went to bed at 7:30 and I woke up this morning at 8:00 wondering where she was and what had happened to her because she wasn't in our bed.  I lay there thinking about how nice it would be for her to actually still be sleeping in her room.  I waited 10 minutes before getting up and by that time was worried that maybe something HAD really happened to her.  I slowly started up the stairs and saw a glimpse of light coming from her room.  It was very quiet, and then the stairs creaked and gave me away.  I hear a sweet little voice shout Mommy?  I asked "what are you up to in there?"  "I am having a party with my babies in here Mom!  I found ALL of my blanket and I love them!"

It was fun to have her actually stay in her room ALL night, and then to wake up and play in her room with her babies was even better!  I need be less anxious when I wake up with a childless bed and be thankful that my daughter is learning a growing EVERY minute of every day.  She is a darling child and I love her SOOOOOO much!

Anyway, one day we will own this beauty!  It has really great features.  It is a 2005 Volvo XC90, has 7 seats and the 5 in the back all lay flat for cargo.  There is SOOOO much more space than in the Jeep.  Abigail is always kicking one of our seats in the Jeep and I am ready for something larger.  Here's to dreams!


Sherrie said...

oohh...I hope the Volvo dream comes true too. That's a hot little number. :) Abigail is a sweetie, what a nice morning to wake up to!

Mohna said...

Now that is a nice car! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for ya! What great pics of Abby!

elizabeth said...

Ahh! The word Volvo makes me think of Edward and Bella... :) hehehe :P

Elizabeth said...

So I am thinking me and you have ALOT more in common that I ever dreamed! the Volvo XC90 is by far my FAVORITE car!! I will won one one day too. So good luck to you. I know how bad I want one so I feel your pain.