Friday, January 23, 2009

Let it snow AGAIN!

Last week it seemed like we were having an early spring here in Idaho Falls.  I quite liked the weather!  Then, last night it just dumped again.  The snow is very wet and heavy and perfect for building snowmen!  Emily called and invited Abby and I over for a play day for the kids and ourselves.  We dressed the kids up in their snow clothes and sent them out to play.  Meanwhile we got busy making hair bows for the girls.  We both took a little break and put our snow boots on to help the kids build not one, but two snowmen.  So here they are playing the snow having a grand old time.  Sadly to say that my camera battery died before the snowmen were built so I don't have a shot of them.  Hopefully Emily will read this and post some :)  She has them all on her camera!!!

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elizabeth said...

She looks so cute all bundled up in that blue!! :)