Sunday, November 2, 2008

Catching up!

We haven't posted for awhile now and have had so much going on.  We want you too see so, here is a catch up  from the last week.  The pictures are backwards so that when I make it into a book, they are in order of the events happening.  Sorry for the inconvenience :)

Here are a few kids from the ward Trunk or Treat.  We had a great time seeing all of the fun costumes.  We missed most of the festivities because we were having festivities of our own with our family.

This is the kind of trick or treating that happens in Oliver's neighborhood (my brother, for those who don't know)  There were nacho stands, hotdog stands and scone & doughnut stands.  They have a was really fun and delicious.  Steve especially liked the nachos with jalapeno's.  I liked the scones.  

Here are the cousins in costume. L to R we have Oliva the duck, Aubrey the feather witch, Vaughn the chicken, Joey the ninja, Isabel as Super girl and Abigail as Tinker bell. They all looked so adorable.

Here is Abs playing in Uncle Oliver and Aunt Keisha's kitchen.  Her makeup was starting to get a little smeared but she still looked great.

Here is a shot of Abs trying to get out of her room.  A while back, the crystal door knob broke on Steve slicing his hand pretty bad.  We haven't replaced it yet because they are hard to find.  Anyway, at night we put her to bed and after she is asleep we close her in, for several reasons(to keep the heat in, to keep her from coming down to our room 3+ times a night, etc.....)  So this is her waiting un-patiently to come and get her was too funny not to post!

Our new computer has a ton of fun things to play with.  This is a shot I took while checking my takes really good pictures, I was surprised!  We have been nothing but pleased with our iMac.

Went to a baby shower and this is what Emily and I went in on for our cousin Patricia.  She is due in like 2 weeks now with her 3rd girl.  I just LOVE making these cute diaper cakes.  It is fun to stuff them full of goodies for the babies.  GOOD LUCK PATRICIA, we love you!

Here are a few shots of Abs dancing in her oversized fairy dress.  When she watched any movie with dancing she has to join in.  She immediately runs to me to ask me to get her a dress and quick so that she can dance along to whatever it is.....usually a Barbie or Princess movie.

These next 2 are some of the first pictures that we took with our new camera and I thought they turned out cute so I had to put them in.  We got a new to us, used Canon Rebel digital camera.  I don't know all of the specs but it is nice, and we LOVE it!  Thanks Christina for getting a new camera so we could buy your old one!!!  Steve is excited to invest in some better lenses.  Emily also got a pretty fancy camera so the three of us (Christina, Emily and myself) are planning to take a photography class in January.  It should be pretty fun, that way we can learn how to use these cameras!  We are glad to be rid of the 2.0 megapixel that we have been using for 4 years now.  The pictures from the old one weren't good quality so we had been looking into a new one for a while now.  We definitely found a deal that we couldn't pass up.  Just look at our little Noodles face, the difference in the photo quality is astoundingly good compared to the older posts on the blog.  Enough about that....onto the next!

This last one is a big deal for me.  I got my first season of canning behind me!  THANKS MOM for helping me out so much and especially for showing me the ropes.  I had a really good time doing it minus the mess.  My Mom came over to help me get started with my very first batch.  I did peaches, pears, apricots and apples (pie filling and apple sauce) It is really addicting.  I am ready to rip half of the back yard out next year for a garden!  I love home grown produce and would love it even more year round.

That's the update!  We hope everyone had a great Halloween and Fall season.  We are having a wonderful year accompanied by a load of fun!


Mikaela said...

Abby looks so cute and GROWN Up! I swear everytime you post pictures I think she's more grown up!

Also, love the picture of you. You look HOT, and your hair is SO pretty!

Kristy said...

HI! Looks like you guys have been busy. I LOVE your witch costume, and your green face, very nice! And good job with all the canning. Abby is so cute, dressing up and dancing to the videos, how funny.