Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oh, I forgot!

I didn't put up a picture of Abby and I.  I like dressing up, I think it is fun!  This year I went as a witch, like you can't tell.  Abby kept saying to everyone that I was a good witch not a mean and scary witch.  It took her a few minutes to get over the fact that my skin was temporarily a different color.  Abby was just finishing a chocolate cupcake so her face was a mess! Oh well!!! This was taken at the ward party....thank you Sister Demitropoulos.


Mohna said...

Wow you look awesome Katie! And Abby looks darling! Fun to catch up on the Forrey family!

elizabeth said...

Abby's too cute!! I saw some ads in Barnes and Noble for Wicked and I thought of you haha.