Saturday, November 8, 2008


This was taken last Sunday after Abby got into a dozen eggs.  Those of you that know her well, know that she is allergic to eggs.  She has grown out of many of her allergies but not eggs yet.  We went in to the kitchen and she was eating them raw, they were all cracked on the floor (which is carpet BTW) Her reaction wasn't all that bad but you can see in this picture her left arm has a HUGE red spot on it....that is a welted up spot from the reaction.  She had a few of those on her back and got a really bad rash on her bum as well.  Poor child!  A double dose of her allergy meds fixed her right up. Within about 5 hours her skin was pretty clear.

The other day Abby and Steve were running on the hard wood floor playing around.  They were starting to get too rowdy so I told them that if they didn't stop someone was going to get hurt.  Well, Abby tripped/slipped on the floor and landed right on her forhead!  She had a unicorn horn on there it was so swollen.  The very next day she was trying to climb up onto a stool and it tipped over causing her to whack her head in the same spot as the day before.  You can see it right between her eyebrows in the next two shots.

Katie donates plasma and Abby is intrigued by it.  Every time I go she has to play doctor and try to stick something in my arm.  

Abby: Mom you need to give blood.
Kate: Okay Dr. Abby put a line in.
Abby:  Sit down and hold still.

Abby pretending to be asleep in a cave.


Mohna said...

Oh the joys of children! The funny moments, the scary moments, the cuddle in your arms after an owy moments... :)

elizabeth said...

anyone that isn't grossed out by blood at that age should be going to med school lol!

Thayne, Brandy and kiddo's said...

Hey guys. Wanted to add a random of my own. So poking around on your blog I see you have a Hymas Happenings. I checked it out with the last name and all. Not too common. A boy named Isaac also. Way Random.
Hope you guys are well.
Abby: Stay away from the eggs. =0)

Jenn said...

I love the ess story, i have one on my blog about I also love the bruise, too cute and the doctor blood draw, well I am afraid of needles, so tell her i like her invisible one, she can draw my blood anytime, you guys look so good, LOVE the halloween pics, thanks for sharing... Jennifer