Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

We started out the holiday this year heading down a day early to Jon & Mohna's (my brother & his wife) home in Inkom.  The boys headed out to go pheasant hunting early so we figured it would be better to go wednesday to avoid having to get up at 4 to drive down.  Pictured are the 2 pheasants that Jon got.....Steve took these pictures, they are beautiful birds.
Mohna, Elizabeth, Andrew and the back of Abs head.....baking in the kitchen!

Back at the house I helped the kids put a few puzzles together, played with play doh and tried to keep them entertained while I frugally helped Mohna in the kitchen.  I took several pictures of Andrew and his funny faces......but I decided to put this cute one with his Mother (Mohna) giving him a little smooch!   

Mohna also though of another way to keep the kids entertained....she covered the kid table with butcher paper and they were able to draw their own place mats.  It was pretty fun except for the part where Abby got ahold of THE ONLY non-washable marker in the bunch!  She still has that marker on her hands, I am going to have to get out the steel wool to get it off :)  !

After dinner we headed outside for some fresh air.  After all that work in the kitchen on everyones part, I didn't even get a picture of the Turkey spread!!!!  But I did manage to get a picture of one of the pies.

Abby giving Daddy a kiss on the front porch.

Taking a blurry stroll in Jon's back yard.  Abby enjoyed seeing the horses close up and just running in all of the open space.  We got a little adventurous and decided to do some shooting with a shotgun.....HA!  They were shooting at clay pigeons.  I didn't do well, in fact from the one shot that I did get off, my shoulder is STILL a little sore.....I know, I know, I struggle.  I had to take a shot of Mom shooting because she just looks like she should be in a film or something with that coat and gun!  AND, I had to show you the silly picture I got of her face while shooting her first shot.  It is a little blurry, because she is in action, but you can see how far back it kicked her.  All in all, everyone did a pretty good job.  Caleb even fired a few shots with the help of Mohna, even though the gun was bigger than he was, he did pretty good.

Mohna and her wonderful tasting, wonderful looking apple pie.

We had a wonderful time spending the holiday with family.  Thank you Jon and Mohna for inviting us down and opening your home for such a special and fun time.  Much later that night when we arrived home, we did a little iChatting with the Forrey family.  It is pretty much the same as doing a webcam.  All of the other family members in Steve's family were together in Oregon this year.  So we got to see them all and talk with them for I think about an hour.  It was fun to catch up and see how wonderful everyone looked and that they too had a great time spending time together at the Forrey Home.  We love and miss each one of them!


elizabeth said...

hahahah!! I LOVE that picture of your mom! That is just awesome :D I need a camera that works I've decided!! :D

Mohna said...

I just realized you posted all of these awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing them! It was so much fun having you over. I especially loved our girl chit chat time with Elizabeth!!