Friday, March 28, 2008

Abby Lou Who?

So I did up Abby Kate's hair the other day all cutesie and then she went down for a nap! I am so foolish as to think that she was going to come out of the nap just as she went in. What a joke! I don't know why but she is such a crazy sleeper and I have to do her hair several times in a day. ANYWAY.....let's back track a bit. I took Abs to the movies a few weeks ago with some friends of ours for a matinee. We decided that the kids would just love to see that new Dr Suess movie "Horton hears a Who". The kids had a blast by the way, and I thought the movie was cute. Abigail sat in her booster seat and just ate and ate and ate away at the popcorn, with her eyes fixed on the screen....she cracks me up. So, back to the nap story Abigail woke up that day looking like she belonged in that movie as a memeber of whoville community....HA! The picture doesn't show great detail but I had put a bunch of connected ponytails in there and it looked pretty cute. When she woke up all of the hair in the back was sticking pretty straight up, so for the rest of the day we called her Abby Lou Who! (BTW you can see a top view of the noodles hair in the Easter pictures. The one with her standing by aunty Em.)


Mohna said...

What an awesome picture! I just can't get enough of your little Abby Lou Who!

Sherrie Thuernagle said...

How cute Kate! How fun to take her to the movies! :)