Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Playing in the Sun!

Here is a Picture of Aunt Emily, Isabel, Vaughn and Abigail having a fun time. Emily and the kids stayed in town for a few days and we had a great time. We miss you already but are so glad to have you closer :) Abigail is constantly wanting to call to talk with Baughn (Vaughn) She can't quite master the V sound but it is fun to hear her try. Yesterday she was calling out for Charlie. She wanted to call and talk with Uncle Charlie on the phone. I have to get sound of that posted on here. It is pretty cute to hear her say all of the cousins names. She even says Aunt Gretchen and very clearly....she is a smart and fun little noodle.

Abigail and her friend Hannah got to play outside yesterday. We are enjoying the sunshine in Idaho! We took a walk down to the park and around the block, ran into a fun friend to chat for a bit and before we knew it the wind had picked up and the sun went behind the clouds so we headed home. The snow is finally melting thought and it is getting into the 40's. Abigail is always begging to go outside and play. Next week should be much warmer so Abigail will be a happy camper. I will also be glad to get outside again and shed some of this winter weight :) Gotta get ready for the family trip to Lagoon in June!


Shayna said...

Your little noddle is getting so big!!! Em looks good! I am sure it is fun to have her near! Has she got a blog yet??

Steve & Katie said...

She hasn't jumped on the wagon yet. I keep telling her she needs to kick it in! I guess I should cut her a break since she just moved.

Sherrie said...

Love these pictures Kate! I can't believe how big Vaughn is getting! Thanks for keeping us up to date!