Saturday, March 22, 2008

WOW! It's the Easter Bunny!

So we hit 2 egg hunts this morning in the freezing cold weather! The one at the park was split up into age groups and the 0-2 didn't run to get eggs, we just waited in line to see the Bunny and he filled our baskets...nice eh?! The other one at the church was a run till you drop hunt. Abby made out pretty good on that one.....I think Isabel got the most out of all the kids! She is a wizard when it comes to egg hunts (thanks to Uncle Charlie getting her all excited and ready to go today!) Abigail kept saying see the Bunny, see the Bunny. She really wanted to see the Bunny and when we finally got the the Bunny she totally flipped out and started crying and continued to cry until we reached our car (clear across the park) It was pretty cold out and the kids were troopers just for being there to brave the weather. We had a great time! We hope you all have a super fun Easter holiday and have the spirit of Christ in your homes and in your heart!

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Mohna said...

What troopers you were to go do that! The cold was my excuse to just stay home. :)