Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Thanks big time to my sister-in-law Keisha for helping me find the more creative side of blogging! I love the FREE templates. I put a link under fun sites to see, so that everyone can have fun creating and playing around with your own blogs. HAVE FUN!


Shayna said...

hey... i have been having fun with the backgrounds as well. Yours is really cute. I will have to take a look! I like to change mine around. Haven't talked with you for awhile. How are you!!! We need to chat sometime!!

Mikaela said...

Yeah, it's fun to change them up! My friend did mine, and I need to learn how to do it to change it up....I'm not so sure I love it! Anyways, loved the Easter pictures....you look great! I also think it's funn your husband thinks that we look alike! I guess maybe we do! :)