Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jane Austen

Man oh man, am I obsessed or what? Thanks to Masterpiece theatre I have recently gotten back into my love for the stories of Jane Austen and her life history. I just finished a book named "The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen" I enjoyed it thoroughly until I got the very end when I realized that half of the stuff in the book wasn't true. Although I enjoy a good love story with a very depressing ending...HA!!!!, I would prefer to read about actual events in her life. I should really be more careful about picking and choosing the books that I read when I am interested in real life events. If anyone has any good books that are based on her actual life, do share! It just pains me to no end to know about the life long love that she had for a certain man and that they were never able to marry. Call me BORING, but I love this kind of stuff. In fact, I was ranting and raving to Steve last night about all of it, and forced him to sit and listen to me read the last chapter of the book. It sparked an interest in his mind as well. I just may be the luckiest lady in the world because I have a husband that served a mission in England (the home of none other than the famous Jane Austen). So Steve's words last night after I finished reading that last chapter to him were as follows..."Wouldn't it be cool to go to England and visit her grave, go on a tour of all of the places that she visited in her life and do some research about this unnamed man that she loved her entire life?" My jaw dropped! "I would LOVE to do that honey, that was a fabulous suggestion" was my reply. COOL EH? So maybe in 50 years when we can afford to go to England, Steve and I will be taking all sorts of Jane Austen life history tours! As for those of you who don't have an interest in Jane Austen, you should get one! She is an amazing author. Sherrie, I know you have done some extensive research on Jane, I would love to either read you paper sometime if you have it on a file or have the references that you used. Thanks a million.


Sherrie said...

Kate, I'll go dig through my writing portfolio and send you some via mail. I don't know if I have my zip disk that I used in college anymore, it may have been lost. Also, let me do some quick referencing, and I'll get you some titles of nonfiction biographies and studies of Jane Austen. Have you ever considered taking a night class at the Idaho Falls University center? Or an online course?

Anyway, WAY TO GO!!! I love that you're finding something you enjoy and really getting into it. Lifelong learning!

Steve & Katie said...

Very cool! Thanks! I will look forward to checking the mail. I hadn't thought about taking any classes until you mentioned it. I should!

Sherrie said...

Kate, I just sent you an email with a short list of good nonfiction books on Jane Austen's life that should get you started. :) I've left notes by the titles explaining them a little further. Hope that helps!

Mikaela said...

Hey, I've gone private on my blog, so if you want an invite, send me your email address via