Friday, June 6, 2008

Chicken coop

Here is one of MOST of the kids at the zoo...we are missing bits and pieces of each family. The kids are playing in a new little chicken coop thing. There is a huge nest, chicken, and egg that they can play on. There was also a zoo worker that did a story time for them while they were playing in the chicken coop.


Maria Hart said...

Thanks for posting all of these photos! It was a fun day! I am cozy inside my house while the wind is a-howling today. I am glad we had a perfect day for the zoo. Your little Abby is so cute! I love hearing her talk about her world!

Oliver and Keisha said...

looks like you have been having some fun. Aubrey just tested out that playground, with her school, and loved it! I'm excited to try it out again, when the weather gets better.

Mohna said...

That's so great you have a "Mothers Clan". That is definitely much needed time for Mother and Child!