Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Here is Abby all dirty from playing in the dirt. She was in her Jadles(PJ's) and wanted to come out and help me change the water early that morning. She always heads straight for the dirt. This time, she had bacon and cheese to accompany her.

This is Steve and Abby enjoying the pool out back. It was 86 degrees the other day but a little windy for my taste when it comes to swimming outside. They had a great time. About an hour into swimming, some of our friends came over and the next few pics are all of them swimming.

In the picture below we have from left to right.....Shayleen, Abby, Hannah, Olivia, and hiding in the back is Amelia. They had a great time. This is Abby AFTER swimming. She was exhausted (she actually uses that word) It is pretty funny to hear her say exhausted. Our sunshade got broken somehow so we need to get another so she isn't baking in the sun all the time in the car.

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Oliver and Keisha said...

I see that Steve is out of the pool when all the kids came over. :) Can't blame him! Looks like fun!