Monday, June 30, 2008

This last weekend was spent with the Thuernagle family at the Woolstenhulme Farm (my mom's place) Jon, Oliver, Clayton and their families headed up to the farm for a fun filled reunion. It started off with Jon grilling up Elk steaks and fresh Salmon (he caught it 5 days earlier at the Oregon coast) YUMMY! Oliver then provided fabulous dessert...I don't know the name of what he made but it was something deep fried and delicious. We got up in the morning and the Boys headed off to do some mowing. Daryl hooked up 3 teams with mowers and they headed out to mow the hay. They spend a few hours working hard while the girls rode the 4 wheelers with the kids. After the work we just had to play! We headed over to Bear Lake and played in the water and soaked up the sun...literally! Several of us got sunburned pretty badly. We headed home for a fabulous dinner by Oliver & Keisha! Dutch oven chicken, Oliver's famous corn and some freshly made french fries....YUMMY! Steve and I headed home that night so we didn't get to enjoy dessert which I believe was going to be triple berry cobbler also made in the dutch oven. We had a fabulous time and are looking forward to going again soon. My brothers should open a restaurant....they are gourmet chefs!

Here is Steve in the car eating a mini hotdog!

This is Abby and Olivia 'riding' the 4 wheeler!
Noodle covering herself with the sand at Bear Lake.

Funny little shot taken by Aunt Mohna! What a cute little bum!

Grandma Ruth enjoying the beach.

Steve's sunburn from working on the farm. He is carrying a can of solarcaine in his you blame him? Next time I hope he will listen to EVERYONE when they tell him he should get some sunscreen! Love you honey!


Oliver and Keisha said...

Kinky Sticks--that is what we call that great dessert! YOu made me hungry, again! It was loads of fun, we'll have to do it again.

Clancy in Idaho said...

Looks like fun times were had by all! Except Steve and his sunburn... that is a serious bummer! :) And yes, Abby has the cutest bum!