Sunday, June 1, 2008


Here is a soundless video clip of Abby Kate

at the local pizza joint enjoying a rootbeer and pizza

lunch with her friends. Sorry everybody that our

camera is a dinosaur and doesn't have sound with

the video...HA! This child LOVES rootbeer

and pizza! We love the silly faces that she makes too!


Clancy in Idaho said...

That is superbly cute! I loved the blinking of the eyes or whatever she was doing. What a doll!

Mikaela said...

She is so cute, even with her little skinned up nose. Poor thing!

Mohna said...

Well that is something Abby has in common with Caleb and Andrew then...sipping soda pop. :) I can't believe her little nose is still healing. I feel so bad!

Mohna said...

This is Caleb.Josh is sorry about that so am I.W
e shouldn't have played
so hard that day.I should have stopped playing they would have followed me.

Steve & Katie said...

Thanks Caleb, you are so sweet to be concerned! Kids are kids and they play. It was a harmless accident and all is forgiven. Abby's nose is healing well and the scab is gone. I have some new pictures to post today and you can see her healing progress. LOVE YOU BUDDY! You are a great nephew! Love Aunt Kate